Became President the Malta Chamber of Commerce Form Younger

Marisa Xuereb who described as the new president of The Matla Chamber will start an extraordinary career. Currently, he had many ideas as a child until now he has become the president of the Chamber through a great team with JAYE.

You can say a little lucky because since childhood, they already know what they are going to live for. But there are few actions that make that ambition have to stop at the age of five. A Marisa Xuereb is a recent precedent from the Malta Chamber of Commerce which is starting to show her passion for business.

He said, I was born into an outgoing business, but I never lacked an idea what to do. The first thing Xureb remembers is wanting to open the lottery at school and raise funds. At that time little Xuereb was 8 years old and was the oldest person in his class.

Xuereb is a child who has the most allowance in his class. This is what triggers Xuereb to announce the lottery in his class.
At that time I was stopped by a teacher who behaved like a child who has an imaginary.

Became a President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce

While on the move Xuereb also took him to a Maltese university and started doing the research work I wanted to accomplish. The balance is between being an economist or running a manufacturing business together.

Xuereb, who feels that revealing the world’s problems to adolescents is at great risk in an important part. This he took because he wanted to get a success. The main key to success is determination and hard work.

Starting a business is a very high risk thing. It is also strengthened when you cannot have a clear experience. Being an initiative like JAYE gives many students a start in the experience and enables them to learn important lessons.

In a guided environment will help them to explore cooperation in a very competitive and internal way. Those who will develop Interpersonal skills.

This is a testament to the quality we can find at least from new members.

“When a student is too worried about the amount of money he or she will make from their work. Focus is an experience that will be of use to them for a very long time,” Xuereb said.

It will be easy to get opportunities but in the end, what you will get is a very important opportunity. Capability and cooperation are important parts that you must develop in becoming a professional.

Xuereb’s Youth

Xuereb became a service provider with company status. When I find myself and troublesome things that make the company I work for. I went to work and a few years later it was much better.

In fact, Xuereb joined the company where he became a director manager. I started working there when I was a student from the first year. He said the first job I did was as a developer of a small payroll program.

This was done by Xuereb to practice programming skills. After that day he got trust with finances at the age of 25. He started running the company and was appointed as managing director.

Successfully Becoming a Mentor at Oxford

As part of the Commitment, JAYE will provide free training to high-achieving juniors. Junior Achievement Young Enterprises Malta Foundation has collaborated with Oxford College of Marketing for a small-scale course in addition to supporting the Learning by Doing the program for its startup.

The program of the company is aimed at students aged 16 to 18 years.

Starting with time the team from OXCOM will cooperate with JAYE. To undertake the provision of short courses in business and marketing.

This marketing course is available through a variety of online platforms. Where students will be given access to class courses according to the session for the game to be done. The jobs to be given are in accordance with their own abilities.

The title of the course will cover what marketing is and an understanding of business. The most difficult challenge in a business is how to understand customer characteristics.

This online campaign will be an introduction to marketing business content appropriately and efficiently.


PRESIDENT, GERMANY TRADE ROOM – MALTA – It is an interdisciplinary mechatronic engineering that focuses on achieving the greatest integration of mechanics. electronics and software that can be achieved in a functional unit.
with the aim of increasing the performance of a completely new function.

Very many of today’s technical systems will not be that powerful. This increasingly advanced information technology has an important role in addition to the older engineering disciplines.

In contrast to this outdated sequential approach to the development of the same product. Development of electronic products which aim to achieve an integration through a simultaneous holistic approach to all three disciplines of science during the entire development process (a co-engineering).

In this event it facilitates the optimal coordination of the disciplines involved in what is most desirable, the development outcome. Concurrent engineering is generally in integrated product, process and deep project planning.

The development and manufacture of this product is characterized by a parale and highly networked planning and development process as well as a strong specialized tool that is part of the tool group with a fairly high universal level that we will achieve.


Göppingen’s current competency network of mechatronics has a sufficiently possible approach to provide a solution that provides the assembled and subsystem components in the face of a larger reduction in density. The products that their partners create and manufacture are getting more and more complex even as they become more reliable and very complex to increase the cycle of innovation created and defined by a shorter market.

This scenario is in dire need of development and togetherness as well as collaboration. It can also create successful solutions, for many new applications for efforts to conduct research that focuses on an applied field as well as industrial practice.

However, this emphasis can be done by basic research. Their network of industrial relations from corporate companies in the world together with suppliers of many hardware and software with technical as well as construction and also a project plan.


Having been in operation for a number of years, Mechatronic Plus has been awarded a special year program that combines industrial training with academic learning.

This program allows many students to obtain an article to obtain a proficiency certificate for trade and also a university degree in just five years which has been supported by members of the following network with the Goppingen vocational school (Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stuttgart (IHK)
Which is a demand for skilled professionals capable of developing fairly innovative products in the future with much greater emphasis on new mechatronics compounds that can only be met with qualifications with a strong practical orientation.

Therefore, many future mechatronics experts need a thorough foundation in the theoretical aspects of engineering whose team skills are obtained from direct contact with practical work in Malta.

The Purpose of Manpower Training in Germany

As one of the countries with the largest economy, of course, Stuttgart is a region where there are many job providers. Training for industrial workers is provided to increase the skills and performance of a job applicant. Quite a few people who certainly need job vacancies for daily life.

This workforce training has a goal that hopes that prospective workers have the ability. Certainly, when a job applicant has good skills, the wages that workers get can be greater.

Therefore, there are employers in Germany who are trying to open a place for pre-employment training. Companies from businesses that will be developed in Malta, of course, have many programs, including :

  • Automotive, engineering, and IT
    Stuttgart is one of the developing economic regions which is one of the major city centers in Europe. Automatically, mechanical engineering and personnel in the IT and technology industry are one of the biggest parts of job vacancies.
  • Transportation and Location
    Stuttgart, which is one of the countries with the largest economic power. To get to and around this city, you have to enter through the International Airport, train station or InterCityExpres (ICE) and other transportation networks. Therefore, to meet all job applicants must first have skills.
  • Network Provider
    In this growing era, you must be using the internet as a means of daily communication, right? Certainly, it is very possible for the wider community to get lessons in this field