Malta’s Economic Strength in the Maritime World

Malta economy which has the basis of industrial services. Malta which can be classified as a developing country by the World Bank (World Bank). Malta which is a member of the European Union in the Eurozone. After officially becoming a member of the European Union, Malta began implementing the Euro currency system as a pending currency in January 2008.

Malta’s economic strength is due to its strategic strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. As one of the largest income earners, Malta has around 88% of the population who are multilingual in doing productive things. Most of the people of Malta have started to speak English and are people who have productive jobs.

Which is one of the reasons Malta can become a developed and developing country because of the low tax from a business. The best financial systems and advanced ICTs have a huge impact on trade and manufacturing, tourism and also financial services.

According to a study that concluded in 2014, more than 1.7 million tourists visited Malta as a vacation spot.

Malta – Germany Economic Cooperation in the Maritime Sector

It is inseparable from a lot of news that states about its Maritime strength. Of course, as a place that has a strong geological location, Milta is one of the countries that has strength in export and import.

This shipyard is a production site where containers and transporters are loaded. When to ferry, roll-on or roll-off, tanker. Malta also provides a solution and the optimal effectiveness and cost of environmental congestion is highly dependent on controlling the task of shipping transportation.

From the record GDP per capita Malta is a country that has equilibrium in ability with a value of $ 29,200. It is a country with 15th place among European Union members in spending standards.

Malta is a country that has an innovative product, a trade-in maritime economic power in Germany, which is a natural link. German shipyards as the premier supplier of anytime specialist manufacturing and also Technology manufacturing solutions.

German Malta Chamber of Commerce With Latest Technology

malta maritime technology

The increasing demand for technology is one of the reasons Malta and Germany have to develop sophisticated technology. Areas covered include drilling, materials and maritime technology for ice-covered areas. The creation of maritime facilities and offshore platforms can create the potential for sustainable growth.

Maritime growth is very important for the national economies of the two countries. As much as 60% of German exports are by sea and imports of raw materials are more or less the same. With sales of around € 9.2 billion and 49,000 employees, shipping is one of the largest maritime sector operations in Germany.

The potential that is formed in a market characterized by a higher degree of untapped opportunity. This makes it possible to build and expand a competitiveness that serves to provide a unique and practical market rating.

Advantages of the Impor Expor between Malta and Germany

In running a business, of course, you must have an advantage. No. passing about chambers of commerce conducted by Malta and Germany. As a country that has strength in the import and export sector, of course, their cooperation will be related to the delivery of goods. What are the benefits? Let’s just get to the discussion.

  • evelopment of the Manufacturing Technology Market
    Malta which is a country with very sophisticated Manufacturing technology is one of the main reasons. As one that has advantages in the field of technology, surely the market development of a product that is created will be even greater.
  • Increase in Buying and Selling Profits
    as country with the largest export and import forces in the world, Malta, which officially joins a part of the European Union, seeks to benefit from Germany, which is known as one of the countries with the world’s largest business.
  • Increase A Larger Production Scale
    When you become a businessman, of course, when the production of your goods increases, surely you will get more profit.
  • Avoid From Local Consumption Goods
    Local consumer goods are one of the biggest rivals of imports and exports. The psychology of consumers is usually the answer that goods that enter from outside the country are step-by-step and better.
  • Forging Better Cooperation Between Countries
    Of course with the ongoing cooperation of exports and goods in Malta and Germany will increase their familiarity. From the cooperation that has been established, there will be many benefits
  • Adding Foreign Exchange
    Of course, in doing export and import business, importers and exporters have taxes that must be paid to the state. With this, the country will get foreign exchange or income from the process.

Surely both countries want to get profit and income, right? When you do business, of course there will be income that you get. This is what we can conclude from this discussion. Happy reading and hopefully you can add to your insight