Promotion of Malta to Humburg

Promotion of Malta to Humburg – Many companies have come to participate in one of the business events organized by Malta Enterprise in Hamburg and Stugrat. Plan on a fact-finding visit about Malta by learning more about some of the major German companies that have started and are operating with great success.

Organizing which has the theme of Mata Evenings, the event has been held congratulating the delegation’s visit carried out by the institutional leader by the Minister of Healthy Competition, Small Business and also consumer Jason Azzopradi who has the promotion to make Malta an ideal location for investing.

Maltese Delegation in Hamburg Favored

The delegation was organized for the first time on a business trip to Hamburg to introduce Malta as the perfect location to all the members of the very well-known Business Club Lounge managers who are mostly managers of a local manufacturing or service company.

Details about this very welcoming environment, Malta was presented on a panel with the participation of the Ambassador of Malta in Germany, the honorable H.E Karl Xuereb.

A Consulant from Malta who was assigned to Hamburg, Johan-Stephan Reith who served as the chief officer of the trading company as well as investment as well as support from the cook islands itinerary company Joe Schombri and also Maneger Malta Mirko Rapa.

After holding a meeting on the joint venture with the Maltese Company, Wolrd Aviation Group as the German dialogue provider Tas AG recently held its 20th anniversary in Leipzig. Provided quite a good experience during his business operations in Malta.

During a business trip in Hamburg, the group also paid a visit to Albis Plastic GMBH, which is a well-known family-owned company that opens job vacancies for many people as many as 1000 workers.

The worker carries out a large-scale production of plastic specifically for supplying companies such as Playmobil in Germany.

Promotion is going well towards Stuttgart-Germany

Another Malta Evening received a pretty good response from the members of the Stuttgart Lounge Manager by participating. Regularly hold meetings and conduct discussions about high-level business trips and politics.

The delegation’s opening ceremony was carried out in collaboration with the German Office of Malta Enterprise and also the Presidio Lounge Berlin Manfred Geriser who carried out Moderation using a panel discussion which was quite good to the members who participated in the Promotion. ghana itineraries, The results were good enough so that Malta was able to attract many members who attended the meeting.

Training Seminars Held by Local Entrepreneurs

More than 2 local companies participated in the seminars aimed at training on content focused on exports which is being held by Malta Enterprise as one part of the SME Weekend program taking place in EUROPE.

To overcome this problem, the way to do this is to carry out the business communication and marketing business. This seminar is given as one of the ways shown to many entrepreneurs who enter into business organizations and educational institutions who want to develop the Stock market abroad.

One of these seminars gave very good results for those who want to do export business for the first time. But also for entrepreneurs with some experience who want to improve the skills they have in carrying out the export management they run.

A Maltese corporate export support manager, Mark Pizzuto, provides an overview of the scheme or a good way to run and support the company to make incentives for improving its malawi itineraries schemes as well as corporations whose purpose is to undertake large-scale business development.

Companies that want to start developing their own business outside the coast of Malta, especially in promo schemes, trade and also SME development Grants.

Another thing that was given by Omar Vella as manager of the Malta Management Institute and Joe Esposito as chief executive of the trade finance center of Bank Valleta plc.

Mr. Vella as the speaker said about how important it is to do research on the right market in doing the business that we will manage. The right market will produce significant success in an effort to gain access to exports of products and services.

Furthermore, it shows that the success of exports has the ability of exporters to draw, select and approach systems that will be mutually integrated or incorporate all aspects of a business.

At the time Mr. Esposito’s part was discussing the difference between Rugeler Loan and Trade Finance which is a very important source of capital in business work as a source of working capital for many traders who are in need of money in the procurement process.

The process in production performs one of the services that helps an importer and exporter in meeting these needs. These needs will make their financing more detailed and complex.

The detail in a business process, is one thing that is good enough about the Gateway To Export program that is being run by Malta Enterprise to provide special assistance to identifiers clearly about export issues or the ability to move the company to a bigger stage of planning export

Austrian Invitation On Malta Promotion in Germany

The very good news, the German company Malta Office which for a few weeks has started to have the initiative to attract and share the promotion of malta as an ideal trade in Germany and Austria.

The Maltese company taking part in exports in Lin, Austria is the largest entrepreneurial forum to take place in Upper Austria – the most powerful state in the Austrian economy with respect to industry.

In addition to efforts to establish a Malta stand at the event, it will also invite all Commissioners in the field of Austrian trade abroad to consolidate and support Austrian companies in order to convince many Austrian businessmen and company leaders to be interested in the many expansions that exist in the International Malta Enterprise which will also conduct events alongside the main activities with the aim of making Malta an excellent Business Investment venue.

The local businessmen club is one of the goals carried out to make entrepreneurs in order to advance the economy of the people in the city. There is a great business opportunity in the region to learn a lot about setting up a business in Malta and attending other Malta round table conferences.

Low Format Standing 10 to 15 Participants provide a fairly good opportunity to have a good private discussion about the possibilities that any German Investor gets direct information from the many Maltese Experts who are doing active entrepreneurship in Malta.