How to get to the Blue Lagoon in Malta

If you’re travelling to Malta, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of the Blue Lagoon. This saltwater bay has long been a staple of Malta’s holiday destinations, and it’ll probably be on your travel list too. So the question isn’t, but how to get to Malta’s Blue Lagoon?

Where is the Blue Lagoon in Malta?

The Blue Lagoon is located on Comino, a small island sandwiched between its larger neighbours Malta and Gozo. Known for its clear blue waters surrounded by jagged cliffs, this popular spot has been mentioned in countless travel blogs and holiday websites. Its main attractions are swimming, snorkelling and photographing the mesmerising scenery. It is also highly regarded as a place for selfies.

Comino, at 3.5 km², is very small, but from a transport point of view it benefits from its location between Malta and Gozo. It is impossible to get there without a boat, but there are several options that will get you there by water in just 30 minutes or so from Malta and about an hour from Gozo. Each has its own advantages and benefits, so this guide will give you all the information you need to help you make the right choice.

Travel by ferry to the Blue Lagoon

Public ferries operate between the main island of Malta and Comino. Malta Island points of departure are located at the island’s many popular tourist destinations including Sliema, Bujibba, Aura and St Paul’s Bay. Ferries run regularly on a hop-on hop-off schedule, but be sure to check the timetable, especially the last departures if you are planning a full day.

Many public ferries also run to Gozo. This makes it easy to combine the Blue Lagoon with Gozo (or Malta if you’re staying in Gozo), but you need to be organised if you have lots of plans. Keep in mind that most boat trips depart for the Blue Lagoon from mid-morning – a quieter time to visit in the early or late afternoon.

Join a boat trip around the Blue Lagoon

There’s a wide selection of boat trips to Comino and the Blue Lagoon, and most are multi-stage. The choices can be confusing. Start by thinking about how much time you want to spend in the Blue Lagoon; an hour is quite enough for photography and a quick dip. For a full swim, snorkelling and walking you’ll need three or four hours.

Once you have determined the time you would like to spend in the Blue Lagoon, explore the other elements that will make up your excursion. Options for visiting Gozo include free time in the capital city of Victoria or a small fishing village and quad biking for the adventurous!

Don’t forget to leave enough time to get to your final destination. It’s best to book a taxi in advance; choose a company recommended by your hotel and you’ll have the added advantage of knowing that the hotel also takes care of arriving on time.

Check the name of your boat – you can even take a picture that you can view later. This will improve your chances of finding the right ride for your next trips. Comino is beautiful, but there’s only one hotel, so don’t get stuck.

Rent a private boat to the Blue Lagoon.

Looking at how to get to the Blue Lagoon in Malta, it’s clear that the most convenient way is by far the most expensive. You’ve always dreamed of owning a private boat and here’s your chance to make that dream a reality.

The benefits of having your own boat are numerous. You can design your own itinerary and leave and return whenever you want. If a beautiful cove catches your eye you can drop anchor there.

Go around the rugged and rocky coastline of Comino. Linger to swim in Crystal Lagoon. Historical sightseeing tour of Gozo. The choice is yours. You’ll be the master of your own destiny on a day trip.

Yet such convenience can’t come cheap. Preliminary prices are not widely available, but you can expect at least €300 for a half day and almost double that for a full day.

When renting a private boat, there is also an extra administrator. You’ll need to find a well-established company with a good reputation and check online reviews to make sure the service will be good.


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