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    When Did Michael Jackson Die

    This article tells the story of Michael Jackson’s death, and how it was ruled a homicide due to the anesthetic propofol. On June 25th, 2009, Michael Jackson died due to a deadly cocktail of anesthetic drugs. The cocktail included the sedatives lorazepam and midazolam, in addition to anesthetic propofol. The coroner’s report showed that Jackson had died from cardiac arrest due to a lethal combination of drugs found in his system. At the time of his death, Jackson was renting a mansion in Holmby Hills, California, which had been rented for him by his manager from March 1st through June 26th. His physician Dr. Conrad Murray was accused of involuntary…

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    Malta: all about the country

    Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists come to the country to swim in the warm sea, go yachting, learn the history of the state and the English language. Investors from around the world are granted Maltese citizenship for exceptional merit, to travel visa-free to 185 countries, to conduct international business and to relocate to Europe. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit and a permanent residence permit for investment. Everything a tourist needs to know about Malta: History, Climate, Leisure and Living in Malta Where is Malta The Republic of Malta is located on the archipelago in the central part of Mediterranean Sea. The…

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    How to get to the Blue Lagoon in Malta

    If you’re travelling to Malta, or even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of the Blue Lagoon. This saltwater bay has long been a staple of Malta’s holiday destinations, and it’ll probably be on your travel list too. So the question isn’t, but how to get to Malta’s Blue Lagoon? Where is the Blue Lagoon in Malta? The Blue Lagoon is located on Comino, a small island sandwiched between its larger neighbours Malta and Gozo. Known for its clear blue waters surrounded by jagged cliffs, this popular spot has been mentioned in countless travel blogs and holiday websites. Its main attractions are swimming, snorkelling and photographing the mesmerising scenery. It…

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    Not crystal, not sand, but the real thing: Germany’s castles

    Central Europe is rich in sights. Centuries of history have left their mark here in the form of cathedrals, palaces and castles. In Germany alone there are more than 25 thousand of these structures. Germany’s castles are the stuff of legends, and have inspired cultural figures from all over the world; a visit to one of them is a fairytale; a time of crinolines, balls and duels.Today we get to know seven of them… By the way, you can find a short and informative description of some of Germany’s lands HERE!   Germany’s most beautiful and popular castles Since as early as the 11th century, the castle of the Hohenzollerns,…

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    10 must-see locations in Germany

    10 must-see locations in Germany. The geographical hit parade from Deutsch Online! Which castles should I visit first? Which are the coziest cities in Germany? And which urban cities are worth a visit? Take a look at our article! In the meantime we’ve prepared a new challenge for our presenters and our viewers! Try to guess the best city or place in Germany from a picture of a city or a picture of a well-known landmark and watch the video on the Deutsch Online YouTube channel! 1 Schloss Neuschwanstein Schloss Neuschwanstein is the romantic castle of Bavarian King Ludwig II near the town of F├╝ssen and Hohenschwangau castle in southwestern…

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    What to see in Munich?

    Munich is the capital of Bavaria, famous for its beer and gastronomy around the world. Surrounded by the majestic Alps and picturesque lakes, Munich’s city centre boasts Catholic cathedrals, ancient monuments and palaces that haven’t changed a bit over the centuries. Munich is unlike any other city in Germany – it’s a world apart, living by its own rules and preserving the atmosphere of a medieval city, forgetting that it’s the 21st century. Here’s what’s worth seeing in Munich for the Bavarian culture and how to fall in love with the capital of Bavaria. Historic centre Munich’s historic centre is a good place to start. Start at the main square…

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