What you need to know about Germany

Usually everyone thinks they know a lot about Germany . We all feel like we know everything about Germany , especially when we consider the number of Turks living in Germany. However, one should not be so sure. You will be surprised by what you will read next.

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There is a diversity of cultures all over the world. As such, this diversity offers us a serious wealth. We learn the characteristics of different countries and say “No more”. Alright GermanyWhat are the unknowns?

Sunday is the day of silence

Best news in life simply. Imagine a day when the whole city and everywhere is quiet… I think this is no longer possible, but imagine it anyway. It is said that everywhere in Germany is closed except churches on Sundays, so people do not make noise, everyone is very quiet and calm.

No birthday is celebrated in advance

Those whose birthdays fall in the middle of the week, who have to celebrate their birthday the day before or the day after, may not be welcome if you are in Germany. Because, according to belief, it is considered bad luck to celebrate before a birthday in Germany.

It is possible to make a cake from Fanta

Look, I personally did not know what to say in the face of this information. Another information that will make yellow cola lovers happy is that Germans are making cakes from Fanta. This dessert, called ‘Fantakuchen’, that is, fanta cake, is a very popular flavor.


Bread is very important

Bread is one of the most important symbols in Germany, and nearly 17,000 bakers in the country produce more than 300 different types of bread. Honestly, I was very curious about all of them.

‘Schultüte!’ to relieve children’s stress

In Germany, children were given a gift box called ‘Schultüte’ when they started primary school. The meaning of this parcel consisting of toys and sweets was the most important symbol of entering a serious process in life and relieving the stress of being in a strange environment. Sometimes just child you want to be, really!

Traditional names are used

When naming a newborn baby in Germany, the government does not like the name you want to give, and if it finds it strange, it may refuse to give the baby the name you find. This is because, according to German law, the first name must necessarily reflect the baby’s gender. For this reason, even today, traditional names continue to be used in Germany.