Promotion of Malta to Humburg

Promotion of Malta to Humburg – Many companies have come to participate in one of the business events organized by Malta Enterprise in Hamburg and Stugrat. Plan on a fact-finding visit about Malta by learning more about some of the major German companies that have started and are operating with great success.

Organizing which has the theme of Mata Evenings, the event has been held congratulating the delegation’s visit carried out by the institutional leader by the Minister of Healthy Competition, Small Business and also consumer Jason Azzopradi who has the promotion to make Malta an ideal location for investing.

Maltese Delegation in Hamburg Favored

The delegation was organized for the first time on a business trip to Hamburg to introduce Malta as the perfect location to all the members of the very well-known Business Club Lounge managers who are mostly managers of a local manufacturing or service company.

Details about this very welcoming environment, Malta was presented on a panel with the participation of the Ambassador of Malta in Germany, the honorable H.E Karl Xuereb.

A Consulant from Malta who was assigned to Hamburg, Johan-Stephan Reith who served as the chief officer of the trading company as well as investment as well as support from the cook islands itinerary company Joe Schombri and also Maneger Malta Mirko Rapa.

After holding a meeting on the joint venture with the Maltese Company, Wolrd Aviation Group as the German dialogue provider Tas AG recently held its 20th anniversary in Leipzig. Provided quite a good experience during his business operations in Malta.

During a business trip in Hamburg, the group also paid a visit to Albis Plastic GMBH, which is a well-known family-owned company that opens job vacancies for many people as many as 1000 workers.

The worker carries out a large-scale production of plastic specifically for supplying companies such as Playmobil in Germany.

Promotion is going well towards Stuttgart-Germany

Another Malta Evening received a pretty good response from the members of the Stuttgart Lounge Manager by participating. Regularly hold meetings and conduct discussions about high-level business trips and politics.

The delegation’s opening ceremony was carried out in collaboration with the German Office of Malta Enterprise and also the Presidio Lounge Berlin Manfred Geriser who carried out Moderation using a panel discussion which was quite good to the members who participated in the Promotion. ghana itineraries, The results were good enough so that Malta was able to attract many members who attended the meeting.

Training Seminars Held by Local Entrepreneurs

More than 2 local companies participated in the seminars aimed at training on content focused on exports which is being held by Malta Enterprise as one part of the SME Weekend program taking place in EUROPE.

To overcome this problem, the way to do this is to carry out the business communication and marketing business. This seminar is given as one of the ways shown to many entrepreneurs who enter into business organizations and educational institutions who want to develop the Stock market abroad.

One of these seminars gave very good results for those who want to do export business for the first time. But also for entrepreneurs with some experience who want to improve the skills they have in carrying out the export management they run.

A Maltese corporate export support manager, Mark Pizzuto, provides an overview of the scheme or a good way to run and support the company to make incentives for improving its malawi itineraries schemes as well as corporations whose purpose is to undertake large-scale business development.

Companies that want to start developing their own business outside the coast of Malta, especially in promo schemes, trade and also SME development Grants.

Another thing that was given by Omar Vella as manager of the Malta Management Institute and Joe Esposito as chief executive of the trade finance center of Bank Valleta plc.

Mr. Vella as the speaker said about how important it is to do research on the right market in doing the business that we will manage. The right market will produce significant success in an effort to gain access to exports of products and services.

Furthermore, it shows that the success of exports has the ability of exporters to draw, select and approach systems that will be mutually integrated or incorporate all aspects of a business.

At the time Mr. Esposito’s part was discussing the difference between Rugeler Loan and Trade Finance which is a very important source of capital in business work as a source of working capital for many traders who are in need of money in the procurement process.

The process in production performs one of the services that helps an importer and exporter in meeting these needs. These needs will make their financing more detailed and complex.

The detail in a business process, is one thing that is good enough about the Gateway To Export program that is being run by Malta Enterprise to provide special assistance to identifiers clearly about export issues or the ability to move the company to a bigger stage of planning export

Austrian Invitation On Malta Promotion in Germany

The very good news, the German company Malta Office which for a few weeks has started to have the initiative to attract and share the promotion of malta as an ideal trade in Germany and Austria.

The Maltese company taking part in exports in Lin, Austria is the largest entrepreneurial forum to take place in Upper Austria – the most powerful state in the Austrian economy with respect to industry.

In addition to efforts to establish a Malta stand at the event, it will also invite all Commissioners in the field of Austrian trade abroad to consolidate and support Austrian companies in order to convince many Austrian businessmen and company leaders to be interested in the many expansions that exist in the International Malta Enterprise which will also conduct events alongside the main activities with the aim of making Malta an excellent Business Investment venue.

The local businessmen club is one of the goals carried out to make entrepreneurs in order to advance the economy of the people in the city. There is a great business opportunity in the region to learn a lot about setting up a business in Malta and attending other Malta round table conferences.

Low Format Standing 10 to 15 Participants provide a fairly good opportunity to have a good private discussion about the possibilities that any German Investor gets direct information from the many Maltese Experts who are doing active entrepreneurship in Malta.

Germany Utilizes Genomic Enzymes As Raw Materials

As one of the developed countries, Germany which is a member of the European Union has recently discovered a new type of genome. Utilizing genomic enzymes is one way that can be done for survival. One of the ways you can get around this is by doing a lot of research.

Germany is known as one of the countries that has the best researchers on Genomism. With specialization as microorganisms that have great potential for biotechnology. The use of microorganisms that are controlled by the enzyme industry can be said to be a very promising technology for the future.

A network that specifically conducts research as good bacteria or what is often called archaebacteria which has attracted a lot of attention from the pharmaceutical business world or new technology.

As the main subject, this highly compatible microorganism begins with its genome sequencing. After finding a suitable match for the microorganism, the researcher must begin an analysis of the function and metabolism of the microorganism.

Benefits of the Genome for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmacy Taken from the Greek language, namely Pharmacon which means medicine.
It is a science that combines health and chemistry sciences. Learn the best way of providing different types of drugs. Become a certain form to cure a disease.

The development of the technology for making this drug is one of the most important things in medical science. To maintain the balance of life, of course, medicine is a way to make improvements in body cells. Many apologies can be drawn from research on this genome. When it is the way of which can be classified as a cure in a disease.

The genome of one of the bacteria that can be classified as good bacteria. Which can be used as a medicine to prevent a disease. This health research can be utilized in the field of genoics and nutrigenomics.

Genome toxic studies evaluate the response of genes to levels of toxic exposure. Meanwhile, nutrigenomic research is the response of a gene to food.

Germany, many experts are trying to research and develop good bacteria as a drug to cure Alzheimer’s.

Innovative Genome Enzymes As Laundry Detergents

Bacillus Licheniformis is an enzyme that is widely used as a microorganism that is forgiven for laundry detergent as a stain remover. The genome is in full ring form, proving that there are 4.22 million base pairs.

Meanwhile, many researchers have managed to accumulate a sufficiently proven function of the number of genes that represent the Genome. Each enzyme contained in the genome certainly has its own use and function.

The DNA that has been developed by research led by OR.ehrenreich at Gottingen is now grouped into multiple DNA microarrays. Research led by prof. Hecker and Prof. V61ker at Greifswald University and Dr. Maurer at Henkel. They get much better tissue document and also regulation of microorganisms.

A device that determines the shift between transcription and proteome. It is a good messenger RNA expression modifier and enzyme that will occur when transferring from very simple to complex culture media.

Advantages of Studying Genomics

Of course, it is very important in learning about genomics. Studying this science can contain and see a lot. In every life, of course there are many experts or experts who have to develop a new material in order to be an inspiration in life. What are the benefits? If you are curious, let’s get straight to the discussion.

  • Can Predict A Disease
    The genome created by two different people has only a 1% to 2% difference. It is very little to think of a disease. New diseases or diseases that have been found before are things that you should know. Carry out genetic tests which are increasingly being used for medical purposes. A predisposition that allows you to become a bearer or have the risk of acquiring a new one. The advantage you get for studying the genome is very religious.
  • Studying the Types of Enzymes Making New Findings
    Studying genomics is one thing that could be your reason for studying this science. Genomics is one of the things that you can use in determining what disease attacks a person’s body. Certainly when you look at this situation, you can find out information about drugs from disease antidotes.

information about drugs from disease antidotes.
Certainly studying genomics is one of the things that is very beneficial for most people. Apart from Germany, Certainly studying genomics is one of the things that is very beneficial for most people. Apart from Germany

Genome Research in Germany Comes to an End

Chamber of Commerce meetings were held by Germany and Malta. Genome research leads to basic knowledge that is open to life. The genome under study can be used as a tool that can help everyday life.

The genome which is the new organism that has been described is almost exclusively supported by many aspects. Direct support has included the ministry of education as well as federal research, through several complementary programs.

National Human Genome research Network and Genomics and Fugato. Fugato which has been launched since 2004 in a program that covers the field of research.
Fugato is a science that is done to reveal genetics for human needs.

The results that researchers have discovered have yielded many kinds of things about the Genome field. The genome is a microorganism that is widely used as an ingredient in the manufacture of drugs or other necessities.

Definition of the Genome and its Functions

Genome is taken from a word in English. The genome has the meaning of genetics and modern molecular biology. It is genetic information which one or an organism. We can physically differentiate the genome into several different molecules.

However, the function of the genome can be divided into several genres. The term genome was introduced by Hans Winkler who is a student from the University of Hamburg – Germany. In 1920 the word was taken from a combination of the words Genes and Chromosomes which stated the collection of gen.

genomid micronisme

Every genome study has various functions. One example of the function of the genome is in the ingredients for making detergent soaps. The microorganisms that exist in the genome certainly have a lot of information that you can use to sustain life and maintain ecosystems.

The number and composition of the complex components can make nucleic acids usable for making proteins. This growth-forming system makes a reaction array in stimulating a new life. However, there are still many genomes with RNA types that cannot be used

Genome and Gene Density Measurement Round

In general, there are many differences in the size of a genome and the genes it contains. Its common gene size with Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. The importance of genome measurement is one of the most important things to do. Its purpose is to measure the usefulness of the found genome.

Prokaryotes are genomes that have smaller sizes with a small number of genes. Whereas Eukaryotes are genomes that have a larger size that has about 1-6 million base pairs calculated with the Mb code. Bacteria and areas, in general, have a genome containing 1500-7500 genes.

The genome found in Germany is a large type of genome that will be developed for the need to manufacture drugs for various diseases. One that is being developed is for a cure for Alzheimer’s, which until now has not found a cure for it.

Of course, the desired result is good. Work on the information that is based on the manufacture of this drug will be completed in less than 25 years. The goal of making this genome is certainly to advance the pharmaceutical world so that it can be used properly for the survival of humans on earth.

New Drug Discovery For Disease Steps

Recently, the genome studied by many scientists in Germany was almost confident.
Some of the scientists conducting the research are developing several drugs that will be shown for people with severe disease.

One of the diseases that can be treated is as a drug for the treatment of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Increased development according to drug development using molecular techniques as well as vaccine research and the manufacture of biological drugs is very promising.

Genome research has greatly assisted many sufferers in removing harmful disease agents from the environment, and is also very active in the highly sustainable agricultural industry. Spread by decomposing bacteria which function to promote growth in plants.

This does not rule out one of the strategies that will be developed in the order of molecular biology formations. This research was conducted to protect plants from pests or nuisance animals.

Results of Conversion From Scientific Findings About Genome Research

The conventions found from research resulting from this Genome will be very innovative products and processes. This is very important for the industrial sector in certain fields, especially the fields of Pharmacology, medicine and biotechnology as well as agricultural technology and

This genome research has had a profound effect on biotechnology which will lead to the growth and formation of many new companies that will emerge in recent years. The excellent results in genome development were carried out by many professors conducting research in Germany.

Quite a few of these things provide services for the pharmaceutical industry, to carry out the development of biotechnology and also anything that affects technology. This happened because of a very weak economic downturn. Many successes will be achieved which will result in significant improvement.

Malta’s Economic Strength in the Maritime World

Malta economy which has the basis of industrial services. Malta which can be classified as a developing country by the World Bank (World Bank). Malta which is a member of the European Union in the Eurozone. After officially becoming a member of the European Union, Malta began implementing the Euro currency system as a pending currency in January 2008.

Malta’s economic strength is due to its strategic strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. As one of the largest income earners, Malta has around 88% of the population who are multilingual in doing productive things. Most of the people of Malta have started to speak English and are people who have productive jobs.

Which is one of the reasons Malta can become a developed and developing country because of the low tax from a business. The best financial systems and advanced ICTs have a huge impact on trade and manufacturing, tourism and also financial services.

According to a study that concluded in 2014, more than 1.7 million tourists visited Malta as a vacation spot.

Malta – Germany Economic Cooperation in the Maritime Sector

It is inseparable from a lot of news that states about its Maritime strength. Of course, as a place that has a strong geological location, Milta is one of the countries that has strength in export and import.

This shipyard is a production site where containers and transporters are loaded. When to ferry, roll-on or roll-off, tanker. Malta also provides a solution and the optimal effectiveness and cost of environmental congestion is highly dependent on controlling the task of shipping transportation.

From the record GDP per capita Malta is a country that has equilibrium in ability with a value of $ 29,200. It is a country with 15th place among European Union members in spending standards.

Malta is a country that has an innovative product, a trade-in maritime economic power in Germany, which is a natural link. German shipyards as the premier supplier of anytime specialist manufacturing and also Technology manufacturing solutions.

German Malta Chamber of Commerce With Latest Technology

malta maritime technology

The increasing demand for technology is one of the reasons Malta and Germany have to develop sophisticated technology. Areas covered include drilling, materials and maritime technology for ice-covered areas. The creation of maritime facilities and offshore platforms can create the potential for sustainable growth.

Maritime growth is very important for the national economies of the two countries. As much as 60% of German exports are by sea and imports of raw materials are more or less the same. With sales of around € 9.2 billion and 49,000 employees, shipping is one of the largest maritime sector operations in Germany.

The potential that is formed in a market characterized by a higher degree of untapped opportunity. This makes it possible to build and expand a competitiveness that serves to provide a unique and practical market rating.

Advantages of the Impor Expor between Malta and Germany

In running a business, of course, you must have an advantage. No. passing about chambers of commerce conducted by Malta and Germany. As a country that has strength in the import and export sector, of course, their cooperation will be related to the delivery of goods. What are the benefits? Let’s just get to the discussion.

  • evelopment of the Manufacturing Technology Market
    Malta which is a country with very sophisticated Manufacturing technology is one of the main reasons. As one that has advantages in the field of technology, surely the market development of a product that is created will be even greater.
  • Increase in Buying and Selling Profits
    as country with the largest export and import forces in the world, Malta, which officially joins a part of the European Union, seeks to benefit from Germany, which is known as one of the countries with the world’s largest business.
  • Increase A Larger Production Scale
    When you become a businessman, of course, when the production of your goods increases, surely you will get more profit.
  • Avoid From Local Consumption Goods
    Local consumer goods are one of the biggest rivals of imports and exports. The psychology of consumers is usually the answer that goods that enter from outside the country are step-by-step and better.
  • Forging Better Cooperation Between Countries
    Of course with the ongoing cooperation of exports and goods in Malta and Germany will increase their familiarity. From the cooperation that has been established, there will be many benefits
  • Adding Foreign Exchange
    Of course, in doing export and import business, importers and exporters have taxes that must be paid to the state. With this, the country will get foreign exchange or income from the process.

Surely both countries want to get profit and income, right? When you do business, of course there will be income that you get. This is what we can conclude from this discussion. Happy reading and hopefully you can add to your insight

Became President the Malta Chamber of Commerce Form Younger

Marisa Xuereb who described as the new president of The Matla Chamber will start an extraordinary career. Currently, he had many ideas as a child until now he has become the president of the Chamber through a great team with JAYE.

You can say a little lucky because since childhood, they already know what they are going to live for. But there are few actions that make that ambition have to stop at the age of five. A Marisa Xuereb is a recent precedent from the Malta Chamber of Commerce which is starting to show her passion for business.

He said, I was born into an outgoing business, but I never lacked an idea what to do. The first thing Xureb remembers is wanting to open the lottery at school and raise funds. At that time little Xuereb was 8 years old and was the oldest person in his class.

Xuereb is a child who has the most allowance in his class. This is what triggers Xuereb to announce the lottery in his class.
At that time I was stopped by a teacher who behaved like a child who has an imaginary.

Became a President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce

While on the move Xuereb also took him to a Maltese university and started doing the research work I wanted to accomplish. The balance is between being an economist or running a manufacturing business together.

Xuereb, who feels that revealing the world’s problems to adolescents is at great risk in an important part. This he took because he wanted to get a success. The main key to success is determination and hard work.

Starting a business is a very high risk thing. It is also strengthened when you cannot have a clear experience. Being an initiative like JAYE gives many students a start in the experience and enables them to learn important lessons.

In a guided environment will help them to explore cooperation in a very competitive and internal way. Those who will develop Interpersonal skills.

This is a testament to the quality we can find at least from new members.

“When a student is too worried about the amount of money he or she will make from their work. Focus is an experience that will be of use to them for a very long time,” Xuereb said.

It will be easy to get opportunities but in the end, what you will get is a very important opportunity. Capability and cooperation are important parts that you must develop in becoming a professional.

Xuereb’s Youth

Xuereb became a service provider with company status. When I find myself and troublesome things that make the company I work for. I went to work and a few years later it was much better.

In fact, Xuereb joined the company where he became a director manager. I started working there when I was a student from the first year. He said the first job I did was as a developer of a small payroll program.

This was done by Xuereb to practice programming skills. After that day he got trust with finances at the age of 25. He started running the company and was appointed as managing director.

Successfully Becoming a Mentor at Oxford

As part of the Commitment, JAYE will provide free training to high-achieving juniors. Junior Achievement Young Enterprises Malta Foundation has collaborated with Oxford College of Marketing for a small-scale course in addition to supporting the Learning by Doing the program for its startup.

The program of the company is aimed at students aged 16 to 18 years.

Starting with time the team from OXCOM will cooperate with JAYE. To undertake the provision of short courses in business and marketing.

This marketing course is available through a variety of online platforms. Where students will be given access to class courses according to the session for the game to be done. The jobs to be given are in accordance with their own abilities.

The title of the course will cover what marketing is and an understanding of business. The most difficult challenge in a business is how to understand customer characteristics.

This online campaign will be an introduction to marketing business content appropriately and efficiently.


PRESIDENT, GERMANY TRADE ROOM – MALTA – It is an interdisciplinary mechatronic engineering that focuses on achieving the greatest integration of mechanics. electronics and software that can be achieved in a functional unit.
with the aim of increasing the performance of a completely new function.

Very many of today’s technical systems will not be that powerful. This increasingly advanced information technology has an important role in addition to the older engineering disciplines.

In contrast to this outdated sequential approach to the development of the same product. Development of electronic products which aim to achieve an integration through a simultaneous holistic approach to all three disciplines of science during the entire development process (a co-engineering).

In this event it facilitates the optimal coordination of the disciplines involved in what is most desirable, the development outcome. Concurrent engineering is generally in integrated product, process and deep project planning.

The development and manufacture of this product is characterized by a parale and highly networked planning and development process as well as a strong specialized tool that is part of the tool group with a fairly high universal level that we will achieve.


Göppingen’s current competency network of mechatronics has a sufficiently possible approach to provide a solution that provides the assembled and subsystem components in the face of a larger reduction in density. The products that their partners create and manufacture are getting more and more complex even as they become more reliable and very complex to increase the cycle of innovation created and defined by a shorter market.

This scenario is in dire need of development and togetherness as well as collaboration. It can also create successful solutions, for many new applications for efforts to conduct research that focuses on an applied field as well as industrial practice.

However, this emphasis can be done by basic research. Their network of industrial relations from corporate companies in the world together with suppliers of many hardware and software with technical as well as construction and also a project plan.


Having been in operation for a number of years, Mechatronic Plus has been awarded a special year program that combines industrial training with academic learning.

This program allows many students to obtain an article to obtain a proficiency certificate for trade and also a university degree in just five years which has been supported by members of the following network with the Goppingen vocational school (Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Stuttgart (IHK)
Which is a demand for skilled professionals capable of developing fairly innovative products in the future with much greater emphasis on new mechatronics compounds that can only be met with qualifications with a strong practical orientation.

Therefore, many future mechatronics experts need a thorough foundation in the theoretical aspects of engineering whose team skills are obtained from direct contact with practical work in Malta.

The Purpose of Manpower Training in Germany

As one of the countries with the largest economy, of course, Stuttgart is a region where there are many job providers. Training for industrial workers is provided to increase the skills and performance of a job applicant. Quite a few people who certainly need job vacancies for daily life.

This workforce training has a goal that hopes that prospective workers have the ability. Certainly, when a job applicant has good skills, the wages that workers get can be greater.

Therefore, there are employers in Germany who are trying to open a place for pre-employment training. Companies from businesses that will be developed in Malta, of course, have many programs, including :

  • Automotive, engineering, and IT
    Stuttgart is one of the developing economic regions which is one of the major city centers in Europe. Automatically, mechanical engineering and personnel in the IT and technology industry are one of the biggest parts of job vacancies.
  • Transportation and Location
    Stuttgart, which is one of the countries with the largest economic power. To get to and around this city, you have to enter through the International Airport, train station or InterCityExpres (ICE) and other transportation networks. Therefore, to meet all job applicants must first have skills.
  • Network Provider
    In this growing era, you must be using the internet as a means of daily communication, right? Certainly, it is very possible for the wider community to get lessons in this field